All Aboard Erie supports the
Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority’s
Public Transit Challenge in June 2018.
We would like to encourage all people:
Federal,  State and Local
Government Employees,
Business Owners,
Employees and Customers,

and the public,
to use the EMTA bus system at least
once a week during 
the month of June.

For more information about the EMTA system,
If you have a smart phone (i-phone or android)
and a good data plan
(because wi-fi is not available everywhere),
you can download the Transit App.
If you want to get to downtown,
use the System Map to find a route which
passes by your home and
also goes past your destination.
All bus shelters and some bus stop signs
have a posted list of the routes which
pass by that stop or shelter.
If you need to go on Peach Street, use the # 3 route.
Some routes go north to the Intermodal Center
Other routes go as far as Perry Square.
Buses travel north on Peach Street,
and south on French Street,
from 4th to 10th Streets.