HSR graphicName the Railroad! As most of you know, All Aboard Erie is in the midst of a fundraising drive for a study of possible high-speed passenger rail routes between Erie and Pittsburgh. We have been calling this project High-Speed Erie. That’s okay when we talk to people in the Erie area, but we really need a name that has meaning for people in all areas of the project — whether that would be Pittsburgh, Youngstown, or anywhere in between. Because our ultimate goal is to have trains running between Erie and Pittsburgh, we think it is important to have a name for the railroad that people can recognize and identify with. This is where we need your help. What do YOU think this new railroad should be called? Post your ideas on our Facebook page, or email them to rail@allaboarderie.com. Oh, and please share this message with your friends. There could be someone in Homer, Alaska or the far-flung Islets of Langerhans who has the perfect name for a railroad. Thanks!  All Aboard!