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All Aboard Erie is sponsoring a Feasibility Study for a high-speed rail route between Erie and Pittsburgh. This effort is the result of a discussion with a consultant who suggested this option, after some consideration. Students in the engineering program at PSU – Behrend are conducting the study as their senior project.

Donations are being accepted for the “All Aboard Erie High Speed Rail Study” at any Widget Financial branch office. Membership in the credit union is not required to make a donation to the account.

The Federal government has a plan to upgrade some railways to allow high-speed trains. These railways connect the East coast as far west as Buffalo, the Midwest around Chicago as far east as Cleveland, and other areas. There is a gap between Buffalo and Cleveland – high-speed rail is not planned to connect the East coast with the Midwest. All Aboard Erie would like to help make that connection.

The consultant pointed out that a Feasibility Study for the Buffalo-Cleveland connection would be a complicated endeavor because it would have to include three state governments (New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio) plus the Federal government. The consultant suggested another option that would be simpler, and can be done at a lower cost. It is the development of a high-speed corridor between Erie and Pittsburgh. A Feasibility Study for this route is the focus of All Aboard Erie’s efforts at this time.

For more information about the Feasibility Study and to find out how you can donate to help make it happen, send an email to

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