This is Very Important

Thirty-three percent of Erie Community rides the bus. Twenty percent are dependent on the bus. And there is another thirteen percent who are “choice riders” – meaning they have a vehicle but choose to ride the bus for the savings and convenience.

This matters to everyone, including those who don’t ride the bus for whatever reason. Here’s why:

1) It’s a main form of transportation for students, both school-age and college. Parents depend on the bus to get their child to school and home.

2) Many businesses see the benefit of the bus. Instead of building parking lots, these companies have contracted with EMTA to provide free rides for their employees. Erie Insurance and UPMC Hamot are just two of the major businesses who find value in our transit system.

3) Traffic is less congested because of the bus. Hundreds of vehicles are not packed onto local roads because of mass transit.

4) The average bus rider is a revolutionary, saving time, resources and encouraging community building. Buses and their stops are great meeting places for neighbors and friends. Every dollar invested in public transportation generates four dollars in economic returns (APTA).

5) Riding the bus is 91 percent safer than driving a car (APTA).

The city bus, very often, can M3 at Mall stopdrop a person off closer to their destination than they could get by driving their car and searching for a place to park. Using the bus eliminates the time spent searching for a parking space, the cost of parking, and the risk of a ticket.

Ride the bus, relax, and let someone else do the driving!

EMTA Bus Locator screen shot of M3
EMTA has a new smart-phone application that can locate a bus on a route, so riders can more easily plan to board the bus. There is also a desktop/laptop version of the application available on their web site.