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Everyone uses Transit every day, whether it’s to walk to the store, drive a car to run errands, ride the bus to work, or take a train for a long-distance trip. All Aboard Erie is working to
educate the public on the best use of their time and money. 
All of that time that was spent holding onto a steering wheel can be used productively, to read, work and play.
Let’s bring transportation to the forefront of conscious thought. 
Thank you to all who donated to All Aboard Erie on Erie Gives Day.
We appreciate your support.
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 We are working to educate
and plan for a better Erie.

Join us. All aboard!

 Currently, All Aboard Erie is actively encouraging City and County Councils to get together to negotiate an
effective charter for EMTA that will best serve the entire community (city and county) for all of us.
Your Erie Gives donations will help fund our organization as we educate people
on the need for better transit choices, including the dream of High-Speed Rail.

Additionally, we are pursuing funding from other sources so that we can begin a study to see whether High-Speed Rail can be an effective connection between Erie and Pittsburgh. All great projects start with a study, and that’s what we’re doing.