It’s Your Choice. Save Money, Avoid Traffic And Parking Headaches.

The Tall Ships Festival shows a good example of why people should use mass transit.

During the weekend of August 22-25, downtown Erie will be a madhouse of people trying to find a place to park. The buses always go downtown, and never have to worry about where to park. The bus may actually let you off at a location closer to your destination than you might have done by parking.

There are shuttle buses running around the downtown area, giving access to the festival locations. The regular bus routes connect to these shuttles, so there is no need to worry about parking, meters, tickets, etc.

This weekend, use the bus to see the Tall Ships Festival. An “All-Day Bus Pass” is $3.30, and is purchased when you board the bus. Visit for more information about routes and schedules. The parking garage passes for the festival are $10 per day, each day – three times the price. If you ride the bus, not only are you making a smart financial move, you will avoid the stress and headache of finding a place to park.

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Everyone uses Transit every day, whether it’s to walk to the store, drive a car to run errands, ride the bus to work, or take a train for a long-distance trip. All Aboard Erie is working to educate the public on the best use of their time and money. All of that time that was spent holding onto a steering wheel can be used productively, to read, work and play. Also, using the bus instead of a car just one day a week can free up $1,000 or more per year.
Let’s bring transportation to the forefront of conscious thought. 
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