A streetcar in downtown Erie? It could be. There is a lot of planning involved. And, of course, most great plans start with a discussion and some noted experts who have helped in other cities.

It is awesome when we bring in experts from other places to Erie. Don’t miss this chance! If you have a flexible Wednesday, join us for this important discussion. It’s being held along with our annual Membership meeting. The panel discussion is free. Membership in All Aboard Erie is $10 per year, and affords you the chance to be part of discussions and education efforts like this.

This could be part of the revitalization of downtown Erie, particularly State Street.

Experts in the field will speak, including:
 – Peter Voorhees of AECOM, the world’s largest infrastructure firm, who has been working with local officials to design a streetcar system for State Street in Erie;
 – Dina Lopez, of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) in Columbus, who is developing plans for a Hyperloop and other high-speed transit between Pittsburgh and Chicago; and
 – Mark Dorn, a consultant who has managed the development of streetcar systems across the U.S. including Detroit, Oklahoma City, Seattle, and Portland.

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