All Aboard Erie advocates to improve all levels of public transportation in Erie, including pedestrian, bicycle, bus, light rail, passenger rail, and the dream of the future: high-speed rail.
We want people to think about how they use transportation every day, whether they walk to the store, commute to work, or run errands. All Aboard Erie encourages people to consciously consider whether the method of transport they are about to use is really the best choice.

Example: Commute to Work by BusSave $4,000 to $10,000 per year!

We’re excited about our Membership Meeting, which will be Saturday October 17th at 1:00, at the Hamot Heart Institute (2nd and Holland).

Our topic will be Public Transportation in Erie County. Speakers will include Mike Tann of EMTA, who will explain the future vision of bus service throughout the county.

Here are some choices for transportation that you can consider: